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About Candy

Graduate Oregon Schoool of Massage
Oregon Board of Massage License #16201
Member, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
Certified Cymatherapy Practitioner

B.A., Human Resources Management
Director of U.S. Adoptions at PLAN Adoptions. 

Event Coordinator, Namaste Retreat and Conference Center
Exchange Student Program Manager, NW Services

Originally from Minnesota. I met my husband, Ron, at Hamline University  I attended the University of Hawaii, Hilo and Manoa Campuses and later the University of Minnesota School of Social Work. Ron and I moved to Newberg in 1977, joined the United Methodist Church, raised 3 children here and love Oregon (especially spring, summer, fall). I eventually graduated from George Fox University. 

While attending George Fox I worked for Dr. Kevin Nahm, OB-GYN. After graduating I was director of U.S. Adoptions at PLAN Adoption Services in McMinnville for 11 years and also worked at Journeys of the Heart Adoptions, Hillsboro, on Guatemalan Adoptions. I was an event coordinator at the Namaste Retreat and Conference Center in Wilsonville (5 years) and coordinator for High School Exchange students (many years) and manager of the International Student Program at N.W. Services (2 years). 

I gradually developed an interest in natural healing through my experience with Young Living Essential Oils, Reiki, sound and various other natural modalities.  I became determined to move my career goals in the direction of natural health. That lead me to the Oregon School Of Massage. I've been owner of Harmonic Body and Soul Massage since spring of 2009. 

Modern medicine is amazing at fixing what is broken and must be used whenever necessary. However, if we can avoid being sick or "broken" and extend our lives with natural means, why not? Massage is a wonderful, even enjoyable way to increase circulation, create relaxation, improve mental attitude, relieve pain and so much more. All of the modalities I use help to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body (including the brain). They literally help the body to repair and improve in a variety of ways. So, I want to help people make more and better use of these wonderful methods to preserve health.

I have learned that thoughts create reality. Nature has provided many ways to help us think more positively and move in the direction of healing ourselves and others, even the planet. Plants, sounds, color, light, touch, prayer, meditation, food, all kinds of frequencies can be utilized.

Pain is a strong motivator. Sometimes it's the only way the body can get the attention it needs. Unfortunately, some people don't take action until pain becomes too much to tolerate or it's too late to reverse the damage. These techniques are best used in a preventative manner, to maintain health and happiness. Still, they can also assist in coping and recovery from injury, illness, chronic conditions and medical procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. 


Relieve    Relax    Rejuvenate

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