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Health Benefits of Essential Oil


The numerous health benefits of essential oils have been widely touted by many cultures who have used aromatherapy for a variety of reasons, promoting healing of both the mind and the body. Each oil features its own distinct qualities, aromas, and fragrances, and most are used in conjunction with others to create a specific result, such as soothing anxiety and stress, easing nausea, or relieving headaches.

Essential oils are derived from different sections of various plant life, including the petals of a flower, the rind of a fruit, or leaves, twigs, and bark from trees and wood. The process of extracting these oils takes a considerable amount of time, knowledge, and the right type of equipment, including a large quantity of plants, which can be rather expensive. For example, to create a mere four teaspoonfuls of rose oil, approximately 200 pounds of rose petals will be needed. However, very few drops of essential oils are used at a time to achieve the most positive results.

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